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Lily of the Valley Junior School was established in 2010 to provide quality daycare, preschool and school readiness programs. Each staff member works to create a vigorous, challenging and enjoyable education program. Our staffs know children learn in different ways and are often at different levels, so we work hard to differentiate the learning to meet their needs this is achieved through creation of a vigorous, challenging and enjoyable education program.


Our Values

As an institution committed to excellence, we strongly believe that every pupil who joins our junior school program has an equal chance to realize their full potential. Like in our kindergarten program, by the time a pupil is done with our junior school program we ensure that they are ready to move into the upper level of the education ladder, for we not only build a solid foundation for them, but equally create anticipation in them to want to learn more. At this critical age where building a child’s confidence is critical, we tap into our pupil’s curiosity and direct it towards productive educational and extra-curricula activities.




To be able to achieve these we aspire to adhere to a set of these values:

• We ensure that every pupil that is part of our junior primary program is afforded a physical, emotional and intellectually safe and secure learning environment where their physical wellbeing is guaranteed, their emotional wellbeing is nurtured by our professional staff and their intellectual curiosity encouraged.

• We provide an all rounded, flexible educational package complete with a variety of recreational programs, since we believe in nurturing the individual talents and skills of our pupils, being aware that different pupils learn things differently, and at different speeds. Ours is a personalized educational program, where we pay attention to detail and every pupil’s wellbeing is taken seriously.

• We maintain a highly qualified team who remain abreast with the global best practices and trends in the education sector. As expected of an institution of our standing, we offer refresher courses and in house training for our team, because we believe that to give our pupils the best, they must be taught by the best trained teachers, and this informs our continued emphasis on human resource development within the institution at all levels.


• We encourage and facilitate family involvement in the learning and growth of our pupils, and make this possible through giving parents regular updates on their children as well as getting feedback from our pupils on how best we can involve their parents and guardians in making their learning better.





Our Curriculum:

Being an institution that’s compliant to the Kenya national education system, we are guided by the 8-4-4 curriculum which guides the teaching, learning and assessment of all teaching and learning areas at our junior primary level. Subjects taught at this level are those stipulated in the national curriculum and which are examinable. These core subjects include Mathematics, Science, English, Kiswahili and Social Studies. Other than these core examinable subject, and being a highly dynamic institution, we continue to put emphasis throughout the curriculum on the development of many aspects of personal and social development and growth, such that as much as academic performance is a key priority, pupils have an opportunity to get their other learning needs attended to.



Whether it is English, Science, Kiswahili, Mathematics or Social Studies, our teachers well trained and exceptionally skilled teachers go out of their way to really make the learning material come alive for our pupils. Rather than stand in front of the classroom and give lectures, our pupils learn the content and material in the national curriculum through interactive ways which include performing hands on projects, working in teams, and using the latest technology. As a result we have a school population with pupils that are gifted in different ways and who excel in different spheres, both academic and extra-curricula These in the end promote the pupil’s ability to handle diversity, to be able listen to and respect the opinions and beliefs of others and to be able to express themselves coherently and logically. We teach our pupils to think for themselves in every area of the curriculum and offer tutorial guidance, because we passionately in the idea that pupils should experience a broad curriculum.


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